IPVideo Launches VuroAI through Acquisition of Vuro Technologies Fleet Telematics Solution

“Our customers and dealers have been asking us for security services for vehicles, and with the addition of VuroAI to our product portfolio, we are now able to fulfill that need,” said IPVideo Corporation President, David Antar. “VuroAI is a comprehensive solution that employs IoT and AI technology to monitor driver behavior, in-vehicle performance, and real-time GPS tracking. It offers the right tools for fleet managers to prevent incidents, coach and reward drivers to avoid dangerous behaviors, protect and exonerate drivers from unjust accident claims, and maintain the organization’s reputation. Safer driving ultimately benefits all road users.”

“VURO Technologies is delighted to become part of the IPVideo renowned family of products that work to keep the world smarter and safer,” said Heng Hu, CTO at VURO Technologies. Combining our expertise presents an opportunity to deliver quality fleet telematics technology to an expanded customer base worldwide.”